Royalsom Travel

  • Office Hours: Saturday to Thursday 08.00 am to 5.00 PM


Royalsom Tours & Travel is one of the leading Travel Operators in Kenya and Somalia, providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country.

Royalsom was first established in the year 2013 by qualified professionals with more than 7 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry .

Extensive research and a comprehensive database backed up by eighteen years of
experience in the travel industry. We feel this is an extremely important aspect of us
being an industry leader in East Africa. It also enables us to anticipate our client’s
needs, and make suggestions that saves time and money.
Service: Professional customer oriented consultation providing hassle free travel.

We are fully licensed agency (Somali license #05949) & categorized as an (A) travel agency. and (Nairobi license CPR/2013/97503)

Licences & Certificates


  • IATA (Certificate of Accreditation )
  •  Certificate of Incorporation
  •  Business Permit (Nairobi city County)
  •  Kenya Regulatory Authority (Tourism Licence)
  •  Kenya Revenue Authority (Pin Certificate)
  •  Kenya Revenue Authority (Tax Compliance Certificate )
  •  Kenya association of Travel Agents (membership Certificate)
  •  Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (membership Certificate)


  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry( Commercial Licence )
  •  Municipality of Mogadishu (Business Permit)
  •  Ministry of Finance –Inland revenue (Tax Compliance Certificate )
  • Somalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Membership Certificate)
  •  Somali association of Travel and Tourism agents (Membership Certificate)

Recommendations & Appreciations

  • IGAD -Appreciation Letter 
  •  Dahabshil International Bank – Appreciation Certificate 
  • SAFERWORLD – Service recommendation Letter
  •  SHURAKO –Recommendation Letter
  •  Daallo Airline -Appreciation Certificate
  •  Amadeus East Africa – Recommendation Letter
  •   Office of the Prime minister –Recommendation Letter
  •  Ministry of Youth and Sports –Certificate of Appreciation 
  • Ocean Airlines –Certificate of Achievement 
  •  African Express –Recognition Certificate 
  •  Jubba Airways – Certificate of Recognition